Blog post on Final week

Blog post on Final week

Finals week are exam week too! Means that no classes are meeting. Means more study time for exams. It means more friends time before the college ends. Before the year ends. 

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Hi, My name is Sara. I am writer on Sara’s Blogs. I am just writing about high school students before they go to college/university school. My blogs posts can help you out just on any thing you need help on. I am a full-time college student so I know what you are really looking for at college.

Blogs posts: on College Commencement

Blogs posts: on College graduation/Commencement

All college Students need for their own graduation/commencements:

Commencement Dress DO’s:

  • Caps and Gowns

  • Dress comfortably
  • Leave your bags at home
  • You will have to take all of your belongings into line-up and to your seat for the ceremony, so bags, laptops, or tablets should be left at home

Commencement Dress DON’Ts:

  • Don’t wear new shoes
  • Don’t spend too much time styling your hair
  • Don’t forget your regalia (Make sure you have your cap, gown)

Other Commencement tips:

  • Set an alarm, especially for morning Commencement (Late students will not sit with their degree program and extremely late students may not get the chance to walk)
  • Plan in advance where you want to meet your family afterwards